41 Non-Working Fireplace Décor Ideas Full of Luxury and Delight


Published: March 11, 2022
Updated: October 30, 2023

I’m a big believer of the fact that you don’t need a big budget to design the home of your dreams. Non-working fireplace décor is one of the most potent ways to add high-end style and unbeatable ambiance to your space—without breaking the bank.

While a faux fireplace itself is eye-catching, what you place on, around, and in it will elevate it from good to wow-worthy. Non-working fireplace décor may include traditional fireplace mantel décor like artwork, vintage accessories, and garland. However, taking away the worry about décor being too close to the heat opens up a world of styling possibilities! You can use paper and wood accessories around the hearth without the niggling thought of them bursting into flames. Plus, there are countless creative ways you can fill or screen off the fireplace opening—candles, wood slice art, shutters—to transform a non-working fireplace into an artistic masterpiece.

While you won’t get the same heat from a fake fireplace, you can get the same ambiance and signature style! Keep on reading for 37 eye-catching non-working fireplace décor ideas to get started.

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