27 Neutral Living Room Ideas to Help You Find Your Calm


Published: February 9, 2023
Updated: November 29, 2023

Neutrals are hot right now, in more ways than one! Neutral living rooms are on trend, and warmer colors like taupe, beige, and toastier greiges are coming into their own neutral palettes. Neutral living rooms are well-suited to Scandinavian and minimalist styles, but they’re not your only options. Greige and white are practically required for farmhouse and modern farmhouse palettes.

If you need some neutral living room ideas to help you create your stylish, calming sanctuary, start with the basics. Choose two or three neutral colors to form your palette, and design your room around them. A small pop of color here or there can add a punch. Keeping your neutral living room balanced and carefully composed will show off your color choices to their best advantage. Consider the placement of the largest elements first, and then add smaller decor pieces as accents.

Read on to explore some elegant and soothing neutral living room ideas to inspire your home refresh.

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