The Most Overrated Home Features To Avoid Design Regrets


Published: June 14, 2024
Updated: March 28, 2024

We’ve all scrolled through social media or been sucked into the latest home design show that displays the most amazing space we could imagine. It’s natural, then, that we begin to look around our homes and reimagine them with all the luxurious finishes and high-end fixtures available. We may even start online shopping or number-crunching to see what it would cost to design our dream home worthy of its own show.

In reality, many of these features aren’t used to the extent we may think. Many homeowners, in fact, later regret the money and space they dedicated to these trending fixtures, or you may find that the maintenance costs and effort far exceed what you initially thought. Before you commit to an expensive renovation or pricey materials, be sure to read through the advice and recommendations from our community below to get their insights into their biggest regrets in home design.

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