26 Modern Wood Stairs That Elevate Your World


Published: April 17, 2023
Updated: November 25, 2023

Do not just believe that your stairs are a liminal space – a space between the upstairs and downstairs of your home. It is important to recognize that your stairs are also a key design element in your space. This list of carefully curated ideas showcases perfect examples of how to make a wooden staircase anything but boring. A mixture of colors, textures, and wood tones works best. Most ideas here pair a wooden step with a white riser or a white banister with black balusters.

Balusters are also not something to be ignored; rather than accepting the most basic shapes, embrace twirled wrought iron, rounded or diamond details, just something to catch the eye and excite when walking up or down your stairs. Allow yourself to embrace the reality of ascending or descending your staircase of dreams. Scroll on to see some of the wonderful things you can do with modern wood stairs.

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