32 Modern Living Room Ideas to Mix into Your Living Room Décor

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March 18, 2023
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Modern is a great style to choose for a main living area because of its versatility and simplistic nature.

With modern design, you will generally utilize a simple color palette to work off of like a monochromatic palette with grays, blacks, and whites. Or select a neutral palette such as whites, tans, beige, or taupe. Furnishings like neutral-toned sectionals, modular or geometric coffee tables, textured or patterned rugs, and minimalist accents such as indoor plants, candles, and pillows or throws add a bit of warmth and coziness to a modern living area. Whatever textures, patterns, and materials you opt to use, just be sure that they are as simple, organic, and sophisticated as possible. The modern style really emphasizes minimalism, nature, and neutrality. This makes it especially easy to incorporate into a farmhouse or boho-inspired style, as these both lean on overlapping design elements.

To get some ideas flowing on how to layout and assemble a modern living room, check out our collection of designs below to see how these decorators successfully tied a modern living room ideas into their homes.

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