8 Luxury Modern Floor Lamps for Curling up With a Good Book

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February 22, 2023
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It’s not uncommon for many of us to spend time on our screens or reading in the hours leading up to falling asleep. The research is clear that the type and amount of light we’re exposed to prior to falling asleep can impact our circadian rhythm and the quality of our sleep, as well as how productive we are during our waking hours. If you find yourself struggling to get to sleep at a reasonable time or stay asleep throughout the night, you may want to change your nighttime routine and the quality of light you’re exposed to in your home. Start by selecting a light that emits less than 2000 lumens and is dimmable to allow your brain to adjust as you get closer to bedtime.

It’s also important to pay attention to the color temperature of your light. Look for lamps and light bulbs that emit warm white light, which can help stimulate melatonin production and promote healthy sleep. If you’re looking for the best lighting fixture for a home office or workspace, select a lamp with cool white or even blue lamp to help stimulate your brain and keep you focused. When you’re looking to upgrade the lighting in your home, consider one of these modern reading floor lamps. Their features and qualities utilize the best of modern technology to help you illuminate your home while promoting healthy circadian rhythms. Read on for our highlights below!

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1. Best Overall: Dyson Solarcycle Morph Floor Lamp

If having all your devices connected to your phone is of utmost importance, then the Dyson Solarcycle Morph floor lamp will be the perfect new addition to your smart home. Not only does it automatically track and adjust color temperature and brightness according to your location, but it also is adjustable for many different uses. From ambient lighting to direct light for studying or working, this is one of the best high end floor lamps for any task.

If using an app to control your lighting isn’t appealing, Dyson also designed the Solarcycle Morph to be adjusted using motion detection and touch controls.

2. Best Value: BenQ e-Reading Floor Lamp

If you’re looking for one lamp that can meet all your lighting needs, then the BenQ e-Reading floor lamp will get you the most bang for your buck. This unique, modern lamp is completely adjustable to your preferred brightness and warmth, and will automatically adjust to the lighting around you to create the perfect illumination for your needs.

The curved design of the lamp also covers 150% more area than the average lamp and can be customized for both screen and paper reading to help create the ideal lighting for whatever you may be working on from moment to moment.

3. Most Affordable: Pottery Barn Post LED Marble Floor Lamp

A sturdy metal and marble design creates a stunning lighting solution in the form of Pottery Barn’s Post LED marble floor lamp. Its long adjustable arm and shade mean you’re able to illuminate any workspace or reading corner with ease while showcasing your home’s style at the same time.

The solid marble base of this lamp is not only built to last but will stay in style for years to come. The major drawback is the inability to dim or adjust the temperature of the light, which may mean that this lamp’s use is limited to certain rooms or spaces in your home.

4. Z-Bar Gen 3 Floor Lamp

Sleek, contemporary lighting has never looked more attractive than with the Z-Bar Gen 3 floor lamp by Koncept. This futuristic modern reading floor lamp features a long, adjustable head that perfectly illuminates any reading chair or desk. This dimmable lamp is controlled with a touchstrip for ultimate control over your lighting.

However, you’ll need to carefully consider where you’ll be using this lamp before making your selection. This design is available in both warm and cool light options, and where you’ll be using this lamp will determine which one is best for you. Bedrooms and cozy reading nooks would benefit from warm light, while workstations and desks are best served by cool light, which can be more stimulating.

5. Superlight Floor Lamp

High end floor lamps are often packed full of luxury features that go beyond the typical function lamp. With a three-axis rotation and 90° adjustable lens, the Superlight floor lamp is the ideal blend of form and function. Its long arm and dimmable control make lighting any space in your home as simple as a single touch.

The versatility of the Superlamp means that it can be placed in almost any room of your home, from an office or bedroom to a living room corner. It’s fixed warm white color may be a drawback, though, depending on your specific lighting needs.

6. Williams Sonoma Linear Adjustable Floor Lamp

Brought to you by the stylish home décor experts at William Sonoma, the Linear Adjustable floor lamp shines with its adjustable height and polished design. Its fixed shade makes it optimal for a chair, sofa, or table that doesn’t need to be moved or adjusted.

While the Linear Adjustable floor lamp isn’t dimmable, it’s sure to create the perfect setting for studying, working, or crafting in a cozy corner of your home.

7. Room&Board Infinity Lamp

When you’re looking for a floor lamp that is perfectly adjustable, the smallest details will make a world of difference. If that describes you, then the Infinity floor lamp by Humanscale is guaranteed to meet all your lighting needs. It’s designed with an extended arm that is easy to move, as well as a dimmer that features nine levels that are controlled by a simple touch.

Best of all, the Infinity lamp has a built-in occupancy sensor that will automatically turn off the light when it senses you’re no longer in the room. This energy-saving feature makes it the perfect addition to any room, although the fixed temperature may be a drawback for some.

8. Karson Task Floor Lamp

Scandinavian minimalist design meets sleek functionality with the Karson Task floor lamp. The solid construction uses brass and marble for a truly luxurious modern floor lamp that will make a stunning addition to any home.

The Karson Task lamp features an integrated dimmer for ideal lighting control. It will make a quiet, yet stunning statement over any sofa or chair. However, some may find an issue with the fixed light temperature and lack of lighting adjustability.

Choosing the Best Modern Reading Floor Lamp for Your Home

If you’re still wondering which lamp is best for your home, first consider the location you’re looking to illuminate and how you use that space. A quiet reading corner should have a softer, dimmable light as opposed to a brightly lit desk. Choosing the right luxury modern floor lamps is ultimately a matter of preference, price, and function.

Best Overall

We recommend the Dyson Solarcycle Morph floor lamp, especially if money isn’t a consideration. This unique and luxurious lamp will give you ultimate control over lighting direction, brightness, and temperature. Its automatic lighting adjustment and Bluetooth control will mean you’ll always have the perfect lighting for any task or time of day.

Best Value

When you’re weighing price and available features, look no further than the e-Reading floor lamp by Ben Q. The completely customizable features and wide lighting area are unmatched. This lamp is the perfect blend of high-end features, including adjustable brightness and temperature, at an affordable price.

Most Affordable

Pottery Barn’s Post LED Marble floor lamp is a great choice when looking for an affordable, yet stunning, lighting solution. While you may compromise on the lack of adjustable brightness and warmth, you’ll be getting your money’s worth with the beautiful, modern design.

Luxury Modern Floor Lamps for Any Room

No matter your design style, budget, or need, we hope that you’ll find the perfect lighting solution for your home. If you’re looking for more lighting inspiration, be sure to check out our collection of gold floor lamps for a modern and luxurious touch to any room in your home.

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