16 Design Ideas for Living Room with French Doors


Published: May 2, 2023
Updated: November 25, 2023

French doors have long been a preference among designers and architects looking to add light and air from Parisian apartments to their own homes. The floor-to-ceiling double doors are a common entrance for sunrooms, terraces, and other spaces opening towards beautiful views. They serve as both an entry and a window.

French doors can also be installed in living rooms to offer a classic look. Many homeowners prefer French doors as they offer hassle-free access to the outdoors, a lot of natural light, and a wider sense of space. French doors also have a timeless, adaptable aesthetic that enhances modern and traditional properties. If you’re looking to let update your living room with a beautiful French door, today’s guide will be helpful. Continue reading to get great ideas for your next living room renovation and to see how French doors can help open up your space.

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