30 Light Wood Round Coffee Tables for a Great Neutral Accent


Published: January 8, 2023
Updated: November 30, 2023

Light wood round coffee tables are the perfect neutral accent to any space. The light wood, usually stained in natural shades or left unfinished, is versatile and contrasts well with many other colors.

A round coffee table is an interesting counterpoint to your standard living room furniture, most of which will be rectangular or square in shape. Round coffee tables are fresh and stylish, and don’t take up as much of your valuable floor space. Round tables also lend themselves well to stylish centerpiece arrangements, and there are many inspiring examples of décor out there to get your creativity flowing.

A round coffee table doesn’t have to be a standard circle either. Oval tables and interesting shapes such as drum tables are also available. In this collection, we’ll explore light wood round coffee tables that can inspire your living room’s next great focal point.

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