29 Laundry Storage Ideas to Keep You Organized

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March 18, 2023
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Make the most of your laundry room with clever laundry storage ideas. The right storage options will help you stay organized so you can do your laundry faster and better. For any laundry room, the most important storage space is often from cabinets, shelves, or closets fitted against the wall. These types of storage units are designed to hide unsightly clutter behind closed doors so your floors and countertops can remain tidy. They can also be fitted with a drying rod to add extra functionality to your room.

Outside of these larger storage units, laundry organization is also achieved through laundry baskets, buckets, bins, or hampers. Whether made from canvas, plastic, or wicker, laundry containers are your best bet when it comes to sorting clothes and storing laundry essentials. These are some laundry room storage ideas that will help keep your home clean.

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