28 Laundry Room Backsplash Ideas to Make the Room Sparkle

Written by 

Zakhar (aka Zee)
December 13, 2022

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Laundry rooms are notorious for dealing with tough stains, splashes, and messes that you don’t want in the rest of the house. At the same time, you need to protect your laundry room’s counters and walls from that mess as well. So, install a laundry room backsplash that will not only make your laundry room sparkle but will keep your room looking amazing for years!

You have all sorts of options for adding a backsplash in a laundry room. Just think of a black or white subway laundry room tile backsplash. It will keep the room sparkling clean while adding a point of interest. Another option is to install a decorative brown tile backsplash to bring the room to life.

Check out these fabulous laundry room backsplash ideas to see all the different ways you can make your farmhouse laundry room sparkle!

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