29 Kitchen Wall Décor Ideas That Will Liven Your Kitchen


Published: April 25, 2023
Updated: November 21, 2023

Looking to fill the empty wall space on the sides of your kitchen shelving or cabinetry? These curated ideas are filled with numerous kitchen wall décor ideas that are versatile for any kitchen space. Right now, floating shelves with exposed kitchen appliances and table settings are all the rage, in addition to colorful cabinetry and elegant light fixtures. In the wall spaces beside cabinets and shelves, racks for mugs and potted plants are also popular and perfectly dainty to not draw attention away from the rest of the kitchen. For a functional element, analog clocks large and small are a great choice.

This compilation of ideas will help you fill every last inch of empty wall space, and breathe life into every corner of your memory-filled, cozy kitchen.

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