31 Kitchen Baseboard Molding Ideas to Dress Up Your Space


Published: July 20, 2022
Updated: December 4, 2023

The kitchen baseboard molding is a critical part of your kitchen’s style. If you’re wondering what are baseboards, the baseboard is a board that runs along the bottom or base of a wall. The board may be thin flat boards, wide ornately sculpted molding, or tall baseboards. Ultimately, it provides a visual foundation for the room.

When planning the style of your kitchen, there’s no reason to stick to a thin board painted white as you can use the board to provide a beautiful accent to your interior design. The base molding creates a wonderful opportunity to showcase your unique style.

Think about if you’d like to use sculpted or flat molding. Consider the pros and cons of using short or tall baseboards. Another option is to paint the moldings with other colors than white to fade into the wall or to provide a dash of color. So browse through these inspiring kitchen baseboard molding ideas to find the perfect accent for your home.

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