Is Shiplap Backsplash the Right Choice for You? Design Experts Weigh In


Published: February 3, 2024
Updated: January 2, 2024

Shiplap has made its way onto every interior space in our home and is currently being used as a backsplash in a cottage or farmhouse-inspired kitchen. Quaint and simple, shiplap backsplash pays homage to a rustic style in a way that is more upscale and sleek.

When questioning our dearest readers and design experts about their thoughts on the trend, they did not shy away from sharing their tried and true experiences with various methods and products involved in achieving this coveted look. “Shiplap is a natural choice for a farmhouse kitchen. The rustic charm of the material complements the other elements of a farmhouse-style kitchen, such as distressed cabinets and vintage appliances,” shares interior designer Ellen Matthews. But shiplap backsplash can be a good option for other styles too, not just farmhouse. “When used with classic colors and finishes, shiplap can add also a touch of charm and elegance to a transitional kitchen,” Matthews advises.

From selecting the right paint products to choosing the panel material intentionally, there are a few consequential pieces of advice to consider before tackling this design in your kitchen. When done correctly, you’ll find yourself in a space that invokes the best feelings of warmth that can only be found in a home centered on togetherness.

We hope that you find this information both engaging and useful as you are transported to a world of magnificent down-home kitchens made to inspire.

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