21 Herringbone Wood Floor Patterns for Your Next Project


Published: February 18, 2023
Updated: November 28, 2023

Used for centuries, herringbone wood floor patterns are a timeless and classic design. This flooring option is well-loved by many and is made up of short, rectangular planks of wood laid in a signature zigzag pattern. Herringbone wood floor patterns result in a visually-stunning floor that immediately catches the eye of your guests. With its versatility, herringbone wood floors can be used in both traditional and modern settings. For that reason and more, in both residential and commercial spaces, herringbone wood flooring is a popular choice—and it’s pretty easy to see why!

Looking to add herringbone wood floor patterns to your space? This design can be made from several different kinds of wood, including maple, cherry, and oak. You can even stain or paint them so as to match your existing décor. We’ve curated this list to include some of the best floor patterns you could use for your next project.

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