17 Green Kitchen Island Ideas That Will Astonish You


Published: September 30, 2022
Updated: December 4, 2023

It’s always fun to incorporate vibrant colors into your home décor, and with a green kitchen island your space will receive an instant boost! When you walk into a room with a pop of color it’s a nearly magical experience, one that you can relive everyday with the help of a simple can of paint.

While a vibrant green island may be an instant mood booster, it’s not for everyone. But luckily, green is a versatile color and has a vast selection to choose from. A sage green island is just as effective when adding a little spirit to your space and is very easy on the eyes. Alternatively, you may consider an elegant emerald green to solve your kitchen color dilemma. Soon enough, your love for color will blossom into a new home décor obsession. Give your space the revitalization it deserves with the help of our green kitchen island ideas below!

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