24 Versatile Examples of Green Board and Batten


Published: June 20, 2024
Updated: March 28, 2024

The color green exudes richness, making it easy to incorporate into your home in various ways. One way to accomplish this is with green board and batten applied to the walls, and there are many ways to approach this idea. The shade of green is the ultimate deciding factor. Will you go with a relaxing mint green, a lush and leafy green, or a rich forest green? The choice is all yours.

If moderation is your thing, go for light green wainscoting on hallway walls or even one half-wall in a living room. Of course, moderation isn’t for everyone, and a forest green bedroom accent wall with wild geometric board and batten designs is never off the table. The board and batten design is as important as the color itself, so find a style that meets all your design goals! Inspiration is just a scroll away in our gallery of green board and batten ideas below.

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