21 Gold Living Room Decor Ideas for Extra Glitz and Glamour


Published: May 19, 2022
Updated: December 5, 2023

Nothing is as glamorous as gold, especially when it is used sparingly as a subtle accent in a room. When placed strategically around a living room, gold living room decor can elevate the rest of your furniture for a truly upscale look. The best way to use gold in your living room is to start with a neutral color as a foundation. 

Many homeowners will go with a white and gold living room for a chic combination, while others prefer a gray and gold living room that exudes softer elegance. No matter what base you start your color palette with, look for gentle ways to integrate gold decor into your room. 

Whether through gold side tables, brass table legs, gold decorative vases, or golden throw pillows, the key is to never overdo it. Here are some examples of how a living room with gold decor can make you feel like you’re living in luxury.

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