24 Floating Pantry Shelves to Define Your Space


Published: June 7, 2023
Updated: November 25, 2023

Floating pantry shelves define spaces lacking organization tools. There is no better way to form an attractive but functional pantry than to fill the walls with carefully selected storage options. Include the ideas below in your next pantry overhaul and revel in the unbelievable results.

The size of your pantry will dictate the approach best suited for the space. Smaller pantries would benefit from multiple rows of short floating shelves to store your treasures. In compact spaces, it’s necessary to make an impact with shelving, so select something pleasing to the eye, like wooden shelves on a white wall or black shelves installed against a patterned wallpaper background. In large pantries, consider shelving that extends across multiple walls, including corners. Corners are a great place to display asymmetrical items that are otherwise hard to incorporate. Floating pantry shelves are here to save the day with help from our selection of examples below!

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