33 Fireplace Tile Ideas to Surround Your Hearth with Luxury

Written by 

Zakhar (aka Zee)
November 26, 2022

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Even in an age where fireplaces are a luxury and not a necessity for many homes, the hearth can truly be the heart of a home. When you and your loved ones are cozying up to those crackling logs and inviting flames, whether old fashioned or electric, it’s another opportunity to enjoy the way your home looks and feels. One of the ways you can express your style through your fireplace is with the tile you choose for it. There are many options available for materials, including stone, porcelain, marble, and ceramic.

There are also as many colors and designs available as there are home designs! Consider the look and feel of your mantel, walls, and surrounding decor before choosing a color and style for your tiling. You’re not locked into using only one kind of tile either. The surround of your fireplace and the floor in front of it can use different tiles. You might place special decorative tiles at strategic points. Or you can even get creative and use deliberately mismatched tiles!

Let’s zoom in and look at a small detail that can add a lot of luxury to your home: fireplace tile.

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