35 Fireplace Candles To Ignite Your Passion for Home Décor

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Zakhar (aka Zee)
December 18, 2022
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Within this scorching hot collection of fireplace candles and fireplace candle holder ideas, you will find inspiration that cannot fail to delight you. Whether you own a working or non-working fireplace, a display showcasing candles is a surefire way to add the correct mixture of luxury and coziness to your room.


On a practical level, candles are easier to manage. Plus, you can get scented candles, so not only does your room look fabulous, it smells amazing too! Wider pillar candles work best sitting in the firebox opening, whereas slim tapered candles in vintage holders give a chic touch to the mantelpiece. You can add interest by incorporating different candle heights or colors. A tranquil mixture of white, gray, and cream is especially pleasing.To get all fired up about your fireplace decor, just burn through some of these ideas we’ve collected here.

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