34 Faux Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas to Explore


Published: November 10, 2022
Updated: March 8, 2024

What could be more cozy and delightful than curling up by a fireplace? What says “home” better than some family photos and well-loved treasures sitting on the mantel? What evokes the holidays more than a mantel hung with stockings and garlands? A mantel can bring lots of joys and decor possibilities to the home. But not every home has one, nor the opportunity for one. Fireplaces are expensive, and some buildings can’t support them. If you’d love to enjoy all the perks of a mantel, but don’t have the budget, room, or space for a fireplace, there’s a solution: the faux fireplace mantel. Essentially, a faux fireplace mantel is an oversized shelf that you can mount on your wall. It gives the appearance of a fireplace without any need for a chimney or real fire. It can include space for an electric heater or candles to give you that cozy feeling.

The mantel part gives you all kinds of decorating possibilities, especially when it comes to the holidays. It can serve as the base for arrangements of items, as well as anchoring anything to be hung up. Items can be hung above or beside the mantel, as well as leaned on it or placed below it. This opens up a lot of creative options. 

Let’s take a look at faux fireplace mantels that explore the many possibilities available for decorating ideas!

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