36 Farmhouse Window Treatments to Dress Your Windows Beautifully


Published: March 12, 2022
Updated: October 30, 2023

Farmhouse style has been popping in design circles lately, largely thanks to Joanna Gaines. So it’s unsurprising that more homeowners are looking for farmhouse window treatments to match their house’s existing style.

Farmhouse window treatments can range from traditional gingham prints to more modern options, like white sheers and curtains. You don’t have to restrict treatment choices to curtains only. Hard materials, especially wood and vinyl work well, too. Woven materials in the form of Roman blinds are also common as they offer more texture and a touch of charming rustic flair. Before settling on a window treatment, you have to figure out your preferred look and the main function it needs to serve. Do you want to completely black out the light coming in from your windows? Filter the light while still having some privacy? Infuse a dynamic burst of color? Bring in a new pattern? Add a delicate pop of décor? A simple and understated look? Whatever your vision, there are endless options to help you attain it.

Because we understand how overwhelming it can be to sift through a hundred farmhouse window treatments ideas, we’ve curated a varied list of 32 window treatments for you to gain some inspiration from.

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