28 Ways Shiplap is Elevating These Farmhouse Bathrooms


Published: October 23, 2022
Updated: December 3, 2023

Shiplap is well-beloved for its cozy farmhouse vibes, as well as its ability to instantly add texture and interest to any bare wall. It can work that same magic in a bathroom, where farmhouse staples like white and greige and lighten up what might otherwise be a small and dark spot in the home.

Shiplap can add a strong linear element to your design that you can build upon with squared edges and geometric patterning for a modern or minimalist style. Or, you can contrast it with organic shapes and natural decor to bring out the woodsy feel of shiplap’s farmhouse origins.

Although water and shiplap don’t mix, you can make it work in the bathroom by using mold and mildew resistant paint that’s specifically designed for water exposure.

In this tour of farmhouse shiplap bathrooms, you’ll see a variety of approaches to positioning and styling shiplap for maximum impact in a small space. Let’s check it out!

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