19 Easy Farmhouse Living Room Accent Walls Ideas to Recreate in Your Home


Published: January 8, 2022
Updated: October 30, 2023

Who doesn’t love a farmhouse living room accent wall? With tons of personality and charm, accent walls completely transform the energy of your living room. Imagine having guests walking into your living room and instantly feeling warm and welcome. A perfectly styled farmhouse accent wall will change the whole mood of your living room, making it–the perfect sanctuary to lay back and relax in.

Brimming with coziness and enriched with rustic flair, a farmhouse living room accent wall is a must for any farmhouse décor lover. Since accent walls are doable for every budget and room size, there’s no reason you shouldn’t hop on this trend.

Whether you choose floral wallpapers, shiplap wall, or faux fireplaces decked with vintage goodies, you can put your own spin on the classic living room accent wall staples. Check out these 19 farmhouse living room accent walls that are so inviting, you’ll want to try them out right away.

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