14 Farmhouse Ideas for Filling the Empty Space Above Your Bed


Published: February 23, 2021
Updated: December 13, 2023

farmhouse decor above bed

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If the wall above your bed has been empty for a while, you are not alone. Bedrooms typically get less love from us – decorating enthusiasts, than other rooms. After all, our bedrooms don’t get a lot of foot traffic and most of the time we just need comfy bedding and a nice mattress (plus feather pillows for me). Decorating above your bed shouldn’t be overwhelming or complicated though. It could be a great opportunity to add your signature style to the room and make your bed stand out even more.

Whatever you do with farmhouse décor above your bed, make sure it’s securely attached to the wall or the headboard and there is absolutely no chance for it to fall down. That was one of my fears, for sure! Farmhouse décor above bed can be quite predictable with a focus on signs with cute quotes and paintings but I have found some other great ideas that could be great options for your farmhouse bedroom. Below you can find 14 amazing farmhouse decor ideas for the space above your bed.

1. Hang a Wreath

farmhouse decor above bed

Image from @willowbloomhome

You can find so many different wreaths on the market these days, all sizes and materials. But you probably haven’t seen anything quite like this one. Made out of soft felt, it comes in a variety of colors and sizes.

Pick one that would complement the colors you are using for the rest of the room or do something brighter to create a little color pop. In this case, the wreath beautifully blends in with the color of the wall, which adds nice texture to the room.

2. Be Creative with Your Headboard

farmhouse decor above bed

Image from @thecuratedfarmhouse

If you are lucky to have one of these headboards, you can use it as a shelf and showcase a number of items to make your room welcoming and cozy. Use a large mirror in the middle (make sure it’s attached to the wall!), baskets, candle holders, and some greenery.

Your headboard needs to be deep enough to be able to accommodate all the items. If the surface space is too limited, try to attach them to the wall focusing on mirrors, signs, wall baskets and hangings. You can go for a symmetrical set brining some cohesiveness to the whole composition or something unique and with no particular order.

3. Moody World Traveler


Image from @tablefor5please

A map of the world or the States is a great idea for above-bed space. Go with the colors that would complement the rest of the room, such as this darker wood that matches the moody vibe for the bed and rug. Make sure the map is wide enough and covers at least a half to ¾ of the bed width. Otherwise, it will look too small and out of place.

Wall Decor Above Bed

4. Herringbone Wood Wall

farmhouse decor above bed

Image from @greeneacresfarmhouse

The above-bed space is perfect for an accent wall, which opens us so many new opportunities. If you want something beyond a ubiquitous shiplap wall but still want that rustic and modern farmhouse look, consider making a herringbone wood wall.

Unfinished natural finish can help it stand out against more neutral wall color for the rest of the room. As finishing touches, hang a painting and a couple of light fixtures to bring this all together.

5. Potting Shed Farmhouse Sign

farmhouse sign

Image from @theholidayhousedecor

A gorgeous farmhouse sign, especially one that has a special meaning, is a great idea for décor above your bed. Check out this Potting Shed sign that can be displayed in a guest bedroom and is just such a year-round option to keep the garden theme in the bedroom no matter the season!

6. Matching Chalkboard Signs

farmhouse decor above bed

Image from @to_mimishousewego

Another great option for a sign above your bed is a chalkboard one or a set of matching ones. Consider making a statement (literally and figuratively) that means something to you. One mistake that a lot of newbies make is to go with frames that are too small.

Consider the proportions of the signs next to your bed frame and headboard. If you have a bulkier bed, go for larger size signs like the ones above. Even if the bed is on a smaller side, it’s still one of the largest pieces of furniture in your room, so you want to select frames that look appropriate next to it.

7. Farmhouse Flat Panels

farmhouse decor above bed

If you are using the space above your bed as an accent wall, a smaller mirror may be all you need to highlight the space. If you opt out of having a headboard and decide to go with lots of pillows and different textures, make sure that you have other elements in the room to create different height levels. They would create a more complete look for the room. In this case, the wall lighting fixtures help tie the mirror and bed together. Even without a headboard, the space feels complete.

8. Picture Ledge for a Farmhouse Bedroom

farmhouse ideas for decor above bed

Image from @farmtotablecreations

A floating picture ledge is next on the list and the biggest reason why I absolutely love it for farmhouse wall décor is because of the unlimited opportunities it creates. Having a picture ledge allows you to change the décor of the room in no time. This is especially helpful, if you tend to decorate your bedroom for each season. Having a chalkboard and a few frames opens up so many options. Add some greenery, ornaments, or whatever else you use, and the room has a completely new look.

9. Tall Headboard

farmhouse decor above bed

Image from @homehydrangea

A tall headboard that extends all the way up and almost becomes another wall surface can be a very effective way to decorate your farmhouse bedroom. Consider a contrasting color that would stand out against your other walls and place a couple of large framed prints right above your bed.

10. Old Memories

farmhouse decor above bed

Image from @ourdeerfarmhouse

An antique window pane with an adorable sign and a couple of family pictures from a memorable event is a way to go if you are looking for a more traditional look for your above wall décor. They are all quite easy to make and would be a great DYI weekend project for you and your family.

Farmhouse Wall Decor Above Bed

11. Love You More

farmhouse decor above bed

Image from @farmtotablecreations

This list wouldn’t be complete without a farmhouse sign. While I adore them in moderation, sometimes they can be used in excess and lose their original appeal.

If you are using farmhouse sings in your décor, be strategic about them and don’t try to put them on every single empty wall in your home. I think one or two signs in each room could work well but if they become a focal point for every little space you have, that could be quite overwhelming and create the opposite effect you are trying to achieve.

12. A Lovely Cottage

farmhouse decor above bed

Image from @ourrusticparadise

You can combine some antique window panes with a wreath and a garland to create that lovely cottage vibe. This especially works well with a wood bed frame (and those lovely mirrors on the other wall). You can leave the greenery for year-round and add something extra for the season.

Country Wall Decor Above Bed

13. Wall Baskets

farmhouse decor above bed

Image from @cottagestyle

Baskets come in so many different sizes, shapes, and colors, that using them on the wall above your bed can create a very unique look. If you are looking for more of a farmhouse style, use antique weathered baskets made of metal and wood. Woven baskets tend to be used in boho rooms for the most part, so use them if that’s the look you are going for.

14. Wooden Structure

farmhouse decor above bed

Image from @itty_bitty_farmhouse

Adding a wooden structure on top of your headboard could be a good way to decorate the above-bed space. It doesn’t have to be attached to the wall, especially if you are concerned about making holes in your wallpaper. The structure serves as an extension of the headboard and nicely complements plants, books, frames, and clocks or whatever else you decide to use in your décor.

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