13 Farmhouse Décor Ideas for Above the Fireplace

decor above fireplace

When it comes to the farmhouse décor above the fireplace, the first thing which probably arises in one’s mind is mantel décor. And most probably, the Christmas one. Of course, we are used to decorating our mantels for the holiday season with all the garlands, hanging stockings and wreaths… But what about the rest of the year? Also, in colder days we like to spend more days inside, gathered near the fireplace and surrounded by its warmth. But what about summer or spring? Can we actually still decorate the mantel to reflect the spirit of the ongoing season?

I just got very curious if others tend to decorate the place above their fireplaces, and if they do, what are the most common and also creative ways to do it. After making some research, I realized that with a creative and smart mantel décor, you can actually make your fireplace and the space around it a beautiful and bright center of attention.

If you want to make your living room beautiful and cozy, it’s quite logical that you need to make your fireplace and the space above it a main focal point. Moreover, changing the décor above the fireplace is a nice and easy way to make any change you make in the room more noticeable.

If your fireplace is already gorgeous by itself, you just need to add a few décor elements above it, such as candle sticks, small mirror, ceramic vases or a bit of greenery. Or with the help of large mirror or a piece of art or a picture you can actually make the wall above the fireplace a beautiful focal point of the whole room. Lots of options here, you just need to choose one for you.

Try one of these farmhouse décor ideas for the above the fireplace to convert them into the spotlight of the whole room.

1. Pure Simplicity

farmhouse decor above fireplace

Hanging the mirror and putting the picture frames on the top of the mantel is probably the easiest and fastest way to complete the empty space above the fireplace, especially if you like the minimalistic and simple approach. However, it’s not less pretty and appealing. You can also add a few candles or greenery to them to bring few elegant touches to the whole décor.

2. Bring on the Trophies

farmhouse decor above fireplace

Image from @jessicamadisonhome

Placing a trophy head is probably the most classic décor element for the above the fireplace. And it’s a good alternative to a piece of art or a mirror (if you already have too many in your house) to create a spotlight. You don’t necessarily have to choose a real animal trophy but could replace it with the one carved from wood.

3. Various Design Elements

farmhouse decor above fireplace

Image from @thecuratedfarmhouse

It’s mostly common to have mantel decorated in natural wood, black or white colors. But if you would like to create a romantic ambiance by your fireplace, you can also add the touches of pale pink or other warm tones to the whole styling. I like how different small décor items such as vases, little hearts and glass bottles are displayed here, accompanied by oversize beautiful bouquets of flowers. And it’s a very creative and lovely idea to have a mirror decorated with the silk ribbon to match the whole look.

Fireplace Mantel Decor

4. Strict Lines

farmhouse decor above fireplace

Image from @greybirchdesigns

An interesting and creative farmhouse décor idea for the place above the fireplace can be the overlapping design elements. It can be two framed pieces of art or a picture and a mirror. The most important thing to keep in mind here is that these décor fragments should be different in width and height. And you can also counterpart them with other diverse décor, such as ceramic or glass vases with some greenery or tall candle sticks.

5. Black And White

farmhouse decor above fireplace

Image from @theoldhouseonmain

Playing with colors is also an option for making the fireplace and the space around it the centerpiece of the whole room. I like how these tall white ceramic vases and the thin garland contrast against the black fireplace and mantel. It brings such a simple and elegant look. In this case the whole view is complemented with a big beautiful mirror in a wooden frame. But even without it, the main accent is done on the color contrast, so adding more white décor would also make a stunning impression.

6. Cozy and Sweet

farmhouse decor above fireplace

If you want to update your seasonal décor after Christmas but are not ready to let winter go yet, consider changing your festive decorations from red to more green and white décor pieces. I like the touches of gold brought by the mirror frame and the hanging garland here. And when in doubt – use more greenery! It always adds fresh and clean view to the room.

7. More Mirrors

farmhouse decor above fireplace

Image from @toni_marianna

A mirror is definitely a guaranteed success idea for the above a fireplace. Why not to put two or three then? In this case, instead of hanging them on the wall, try to lean the mirrors on your mantel. This way, changing the décor later on will be a breeze. Similar to the overlapping décor, make sure the mirrors are of different height and width for better impression.

8. Christmas Décor

farmhouse decor above fireplace

Image from @patinaandpearl

If you are planning to decorate your fireplace and the space above it, then holidays are the perfect time to do it. Of course, I couldn’t skip mentioning the Christmas above the fireplace décor as well. This picture definitely proves that Christmas decoration doesn’t always have to be overloaded with design pieces and all the pops of red, garlands and small Christmas trees and look very busy.

I very much love the simplicity of this above the fireplace farmhouse décor. It looks so classy, elegant and peaceful indeed. I like the contract of this simple greenery against all the white with splash of wood here.

9. Vases and Candles

farmhouse decor above fireplace

Image from @somutschlove

In case you don’t have enough space on your coffee table or anywhere else, for extra vases with flowers or candles, the place above fireplace can be a perfect place for them. Not only it provides additional place for your décor items but also adds certain charm and beauty to the whole room. Especially when you light those candles in the evening. You can choose to go just with one or two lighter colors or add bright tints to the whole setup.

Fireplace Decorative Candles

10. “In Transition” Décor

farmhouse decor above fireplace

Image from @theamericanfarmhouse

We can all agree by now that the space above the fireplace can be used not only for holiday decoration. But it can also represent the transition from one season to another.

In this case, the sign and cute little white pumpkins are obviously telling us about Halloween season. But since they are accompanied by the beautiful glass vases with the greenery, we can say that this overall installation sort of represents the transition to the winter décor.

11. Window Panes Instead of Mirrors

farmhouse decor above fireplace

Image from @itty_bitty_farmhouse

I have to say that sometimes the mantel and décor above it are stealing the show from the fireplace itself. This space is a great example of it… This is such a creative and interesting idea to use several window panes instead of mirrors stacked next to each other on a massive wooden mantel. The ceramic pots and oversize glass vase bring certain accent to the whole décor. And don’t forget to choose your décor elements (frames, pots, etc.) in different shapes and sizes to make your mantel stand out.

12. Decorate with a Piece of Art

farmhouse decor above fireplace

With the help of large-scale art, you can switch the spotlight of the whole room to the place about the fireplace. Be mindful to choose the one which would suit the room’s aesthetic, otherwise there is a risk it would stand out from the whole décor too much. Also, you might want to choose a painting in a large frame with lots of details to make even bigger statement with this décor.

Farmhouse Fireplace Mantel Decor Candles

13. Decorate with Colors

farmhouse decor above fireplace

Image from @coloringmyspace

The above the fireplace décor can be built not only on the contract of two colors but also on bringing several bright colors together in one place. Colorful garlands, flower bouquets, bright art pictures add great pop of color to the whole display. This look provides such a great and cheerful aesthetic to the room and sets up good and positive vibes.

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