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34 Ways to Create a Comfortable Space with a Farmhouse Sofa


Published: November 18, 2022
Updated: December 6, 2023

If you are looking to turn a rigid space into a cozy oasis, a farmhouse sofa could be just what you need. A comfortable sofa is the main attraction in any living room so it’s worth taking your time with furnishing decisions. These pieces are not bound to one aesthetic and can compliment your existing décor.

While these sofas can certainly act as stand-alone pieces, we all know that accessories are everything. Sometimes the way you dress up a sofa determines the overall aesthetic. If you prefer a more modern look, you may consider paring it with a contemporary coffee table and trendy throw pillows. On the other hand, a rustic farmhouse sofa surrounded by distressed furniture and farmhouse wall décor will do the trick. A farmhouse sofa opens the door for infinite design opportunities, scroll down to see our carefully selected collection of examples.

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