35 Fall Door Decor Designs You Won’t Want to Take Down


Published: November 20, 2022
Updated: December 1, 2023

Nothing announces the changing of the seasons or the coming of the holidays like decorating your front porch. Fall door decor isn’t just one of the most stunning and attractive ways to decorate your home; it’s also something you get to show off to your neighbors to put them in a festive mood. And while pumpkins are the classic choice, there are so many amazing ideas out there that will inspire you.

Dried cornstalks, autumn leaves, straw bales, and planters filled with chrysanthemums are all stylish and trendy ways you get to bring a touch of fall to your home. Thankfully, fall door decor isn’t just limited to the outside. Hang more wreaths and create more autumnal vignettes wherever you need a quick reminder of the beauty of fall, both inside and out.

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