30 Entry Table Décor Ideas for the Best First Impressions


Published: March 24, 2023
Updated: November 26, 2023

So you’re trying to leave guests with a good first impression of your home. Your front door has a fresh new coat of paint and you mowed your lawn. You’ve decluttered your mudroom and decorated your entryway. But here’s something you might not have tried – an entryway table!

Also known as foyer tables, entryway tables not only offer storage but also function as a platform to showcase your personality. On an entryway table, you can display items like vintage flower vases, candles, plants, mirrors, and other décor pieces or knick-knacks. Other practical items you can display include key dishes and catchalls.

Whether you’re looking for something more functional or decorative, we’ve put together a list of amazing entry table décor ideas that are sure to leave your guests with an equally amazing first impression.

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