The Desert on Your Doorstep: Bringing Natural Desert Décor into Your Home


Published: May 23, 2023
Updated: November 25, 2023

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As someone who grew up traveling through America’s harsh deserts, such as Death Valley, the Great Basin Desert, and the Mojave Desert, I have always been fascinated by the beauty and resilience of arid landscapes. The stark contrast between the sandy terrain and the vibrant bursts of life that dot the arid expanse has always inspired me. It’s no surprise, then, that I have developed a particular fondness for the aesthetic of desert décor!

The allure of desert decor lies in its ability to bring the rugged beauty of the desert into our homes. By incorporating elements such as earthy tones, natural textures, and desert-inspired patterns, we can create a warm and inviting space that pays homage to the majesty of the desert while staying minimalistic and chic. Whether you live in a bustling city or a quiet suburb, this décor style can help you bring a touch of the calm expanse of the desert into your living space.

1. Majestic Mesa

As you begin decorating a desert-décor space, it can be challenging as it requires incorporating natural elements and earthy tones to create a cohesive and authentic atmosphere. When styling a room, I like to start with a large statement piece, such as a rug, and build off it. This Colca Wool Rug’s geometric design and high-quality wool make it soft, durable, and the perfect piece to base your desert color palette. I would center the rug in your space to anchor your room, adding visual interest and texture. Then I’d pair other natural elements such as terracotta potted plants or the stunning maya rattan nesting baskets you’ll see below.

2. Boho Baskets

These baskets are one of my favorite items on the list; something about their shape and the weaving pattern is so structured yet organic. These baskets are handwoven from durable rattan, so not only are they gorgeous, but they also support hardworking artisans. The nesting design of the set allows for easy storage, though I would keep them out and displayed at all times, either holding extra blankets, or toys from your little ones or even as a cover for a larger plant.

3. Canyons and Cushions

This Magena Pillow features geometric patterns often seen in tribal desert designs with a modern vibe. The simplicity of the design is part of its beauty, making it easy to style and layer with other pillows, while the neutral color scheme ensures it will blend seamlessly with your existing décor. Whether you want to style it as an accent on your sofa or a bed, this pillow will be a subtle nod to the trendy boho décor style that is currently all the rage.

4. A Desert Mirage

Mirrors are vital for any well-decorated space, especially an arid abode. Not only do they reflect light to brighten and enlarge a room, but they also are reminiscent of desert mirages. The round shape keeps this piece feeling natural, along with the rattan frame. I would style this gorgeous piece over a bed or console table to make it a focal point in your home design.

5. Treasured Terracotta

As a certified plant lover, I am not ashamed to admit I have a stash of extra terracotta pots. However, these take the elegance and versatility of terracotta to another level. These artisan hand-crafted terracotta vases are perfect for your chic minimal sandy décor. These vases are hand-made with natural materials and feature earthy tones that blend seamlessly with the surrounding décor. Their rough texture and imperfect shape add a touch of authenticity and personality to the space. You could use them as plant pots for succulents or traditional vases for some dried botanicals or pampas grass to adorn the corner of any room.

6. Barren Botanicals

Chousse 43' / 3.6 ft Pampas Grass Tall 4 Pcs - Faux Pampas Grass Bulk, Artificial Large Pampas Grass Decor for Floor Vase, Room Decor, Home Decor, Boho Decor (Coffee & Cream)

Fluffy pampas grass is a popular décor item that adds a soft and airy touch to any room. These stems add the naturalistic feel of greenery without disturbing a neutral color pallet. Place a few stems in a vase on a coffee table or side table to create a cozy, curated atmosphere. The natural color of pampas grass complements the earthy tones of a desert-themed room while mimicking the organic textures seen in most American deserts, such as the Mojave.

7. Desert Heat and a Comfy Seat

A Coronado rattan accent chair is an excellent choice for an arid boho space. It’s a natural woven material, and the light color is reminiscent of classic Danish mid-century design while being modernized and fresh. I would style this chair in a reading nook in front of some wooden bookcases to complement the chair’s airy design and comfortable shape, creating a cozy and inviting corner to sit in and relax.

8. Glowing Oasis

The Frasier ceramic table lamp is a sleek, stylish lighting option that fits perfectly in a neutral naturalistic space. Rugged dry landscapes inspire the lamp’s ceramic base, and its natural color palette blends seamlessly with any surrounding décor. Its clean and simple design provides the right light to create a warm and inviting ambiance. Use it as a bedside table lamp or on a console table in your living room to add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your space while also seeming grounded and organic.

9. Presence of Pine

A natural wood end table is a unique piece that can add character and charm to your new southwestern space. The raw and rustic nature of the wood stump, combined with its natural knots and grains, creates a beautiful texture that adds warmth and depth to the space. It’s a perfect place to display succulents or other desert-inspired décor items.

10. Sahara Sands

Pale beige linen curtains are an excellent choice to complement this design style. The soft and natural color blends well with the muted dusty tones, adding an air of tranquility, cohesion, and peace to the space. The linen fabric is light and airy, allowing natural light to filter through while still providing privacy, and features a raw-edge trim to add some texture. The curtains can be draped over a simple rod or tied off with rope, adding an effortless touch of elegance to the room.

11. Rustic Relaxation

If you want to decorate your home with a minimalist desert theme, rattan ottomans are a great addition. These versatile pieces of furniture add a natural and rustic touch to any room while maintaining a modern look. I would style them in a living room with a sandy-colored sofa and some floor cushions on the Colca Wool Rug to create a minimalistic bohemian vibe with tons of extra comfortable seating for many guests.

12. Southwest Saguaro Succulents

AntHousePlant Artificial Cactus Fake Big Cactus 24 Inch Faux Cacti Plants for Home Garden Office Store Decoration

A fake artificial cactus is another excellent way to add a wilderness vibe to your space without the upkeep of a natural plant. Though I will always preach the benefits of natural plants in your space, I understand some people struggle to keep even succulents alive due to overwatering, lighting, or bad luck. These plants are perfect for those who don’t have a green thumb or want a low-maintenance option that looks just as amazing. You can place them on a bookshelf or side table to add a pop of greenery and texture to any room; to elevate a faux plant, put them in a rustic plant pot and cap the top of the fake soil with rocks, sand, real soil, or any other preferred substrate.

13. Sleeping in the Southwest

The Monte Viso bed cover from Lulu and Georgia is a beautiful and versatile addition to any simplistic desert-themed space. The neutral color and clean lines make it a perfect complement to natural textures like rattan and seagrass. I would style this on a bed or as a throw on a couch or sofa to create a calming and relaxing environment perfect for snuggling up on movie nights.

14. Handmade Hangings

Bareland Handmade Wall Decor Basket Bundle - 14' to 8' Handmade Seagrass Large Woven Baskets - Seagrass Wall Plates Bundle Of 5 - All Natural - Great For Decoration - Multiuse -

Wall baskets have been trending for a few years now, and I can’t see them going out of style any time soon. They are an attractive, lightweight, safe option for decorating above beds, come in so many different unique patterns and colors, and support skilled artisans around the globe. Ideally, I see these over a bed or sofa alongside other natural fibers such as rattan furniture, linen fabrics, and arid plants.

15. Mojave Macramé

If woven baskets aren’t quite your style, a handwoven macramé wall hanging is a perfect addition to any natural space. It adds a touch of texture and visual interest to an otherwise plain wall. The neutral color palette of macramé wall hangings makes them versatile enough to complement a variety of color schemes. You can use them as a statement piece or layer them with other wall art for a gallery wall effect. Try to hang your macramé wall in a prominent place, like above your bed or sofa, to highlight the artistry and create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

16. Desert Dust and Delectable Drinks

Mckanti 8 Pcs Drink Coasters with Holder, Minimalist Cotton Woven 4 Colors Absorbent Coaster Set for Home Decor Tabletop Protection Suitable for Kinds of Cups, 4.3 Inches.(NO.2)

After all that decorating, you will need a place to put down your well-deserved cocktail while lounging in your newly created oasis. This eight-piece set of cotton woven drink coasters with a black metal holder is an excellent finishing touch to your home. These absorbent coasters will protect your new furniture from water rings and add a touch of texture to your tabletops. These coasters’ neutral color and minimalist design make them a great complement to the other simplistic desert-themed décor in your arid paradise.

Arid Allure: Timeless Trends in Desert Décor

Ultimately, desert-themed décor has a special place in my heart for its ability to capture the essence of the desert and bring it into our daily lives. From cacti and succulents to woven rugs and warm-toned furniture, there are endless ways to incorporate desert-inspired elements into your home. Not only does it create a beautiful and unique aesthetic, but it also reminds us to appreciate the rugged and resilient beauty of the desert.

So, if you’re looking for a new design style that is both rustic and modern, consider giving desert décor a try. Its versatile and timeless aesthetic will bring warmth and character to any living space. And who knows, it may inspire you to take a trip to the desert and experience its wonder firsthand!

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