The Dark Kitchen Island Dilemma: Timeless Choice or Trend Trap?


Published: January 28, 2024
Updated: January 2, 2024

Dark-colored kitchen islands are having a moment in modern design. They have quickly become a staple in most new builds and updated homes, a hugely desirable element with home buyers and renters alike. Not only are they functional, but in an open floorplan with limited walls, islands create a boundary between living areas while ensuring great counter space, storage potential, and extra seating.

As they’ve dominated kitchen trends, one major thematic piece we’re seeing is a differentiation between cabinet and island color- specifically, light cabinets with a dark-colored island. Whether it be black, dark gray, green, or navy, these islands offer astounding visual benefits because of how they center and focus a space. “A dark-colored kitchen island can be a stunning addition to a white kitchen, adding both contrast and visual interest,” interior designer Ellen Matthews advises. “A dark island can add warmth and depth to a white kitchen, making it feel more inviting,” Matthews notes.

That said, there are specific difficulties associated with this aesthetic that our readers and contributors were keen on divulging. Learn from their experiences as they explain how to avoid potential regret with dark-colored kitchen islands.

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