24 Coastal Farmhouse Décor Homes That Feel Like a Retreat


Published: January 3, 2023
Updated: November 30, 2023

A home with coastal farmhouse décor easily becomes a sanctuary of warmth and serenity. The tranquil and refreshing elements of coastal design blend exceptionally well with the rustic and earthy textures of farmhouse living. There are many ways to pull together a beachy vibe that will have you feeling like you are on vacation all year round. Coastal farmhouse designs frequently combine antique and distressed wooden furniture with a splash of beach-themed statues, prints, and signs.

Gray, beige, creamy whites, pale green, and various shades of blue are staples of coastal design. Nautical elements like ships, oars, seashells, starfish, or anchors also make for popular decorative pieces. To learn how you can transform your farmhouse home into a beach house, take a leisurely stroll through some of our favorite farmhouse coastal décor ideas.

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