35 Christmas Window Decorations To Get Excited About

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February 2, 2023
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There is nothing so exciting as having a blank canvas on which you set your decorating sights, and Christmas window decorations are a perfect way to jazz up your once-empty windowpanes and windowsills. An absolute classic that you must try is hanging wreaths in your window. Long gone are the days of only having one wreath on your front door! Now you may hang as many of them as you like, and you could have one in every window if you wanted.

If you want more subtle Christmas window decorations, then a fir-bough garland looks effective and wintry when draped across the curtain rail or along the windowsill. You can echo the look with small potted fir trees in other locations to bring the room together. Alternatively, small bottle-brush trees gathering on a windowsill are sure to bring a smile to your face every festive day. Scroll on for more inspiration!

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