36 Christmas Tree Basket Collars to Try This Holiday


Published: December 15, 2022
Updated: November 21, 2023

Take your Christmas tree to the next level with a Christmas tree basket. A basket tree collar is a unique alternative to a typical tree skirt that adds an artisanal touch to your holiday decor. It will make your Christmas tree look like it is standing inside a woven basket by covering the entire tree stand and lower trunk. With a Christmas tree basket collar, your tree will always look stylish—no matter how many or few gifts you have underneath!

A tree skirt basket pairs well with any design style and can be used with trees that are large or small. Soften the collar basket with plush throw blankets for an even cozier look. Before you start setting up your Christmas tree this holiday season, take a look through our collection of some of the chicest Christmas tree collar basket ideas.

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