35 Festive Christmas Bells Decoration Ideas for the Holidays


Published: March 2, 2023
Updated: November 21, 2023

Christmas bells decorations have always been a super cute vintage accent piece for holiday décor. Recently with the farmhouse trend, they’ve been making a huge comeback. After you take a look through the holiday design collection we have for you below, we think you’ll understand why.

There are many ways you can add bells to your décor ensemble, from wall hangings to garlands and centerpieces. But this may be the first time that you’ll see examples of bells that are used so creatively to add a unique style to a holiday décor display. Plus, a few of these decorators have managed to source Christmas bells that are absolutely enormous! They’re beautiful, vintage, and a timeless addition to your holiday decorations. So why not go out and find some to include within your own holiday home?

Check out the style samples below to see how easy and fabulous these Christmas bell decorations would be to add to your own festive display.

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