23 Stunning Ways To Hang a Chandelier on Sloped Ceilings


Published: March 17, 2023
Updated: November 26, 2023

Hanging a chandelier on sloped ceilings provides a unique challenge. However, this unique design feature can be beautifully emphasized by the right lighting fixture. We have curated a collection of great examples showing styles of chandeliers that accentuate a sloped, high-ceiling design.

With high sloping ceilings you can get creative with the styles of chandeliers that you use. Larger chandeliers can draw the eyes even higher within a room with pitched ceilings, making it feel even larger and more open. Alternatively, you can easily add an assortment of smaller pendant lights that contribute to the accent decor and theme within the room. There are rustic, industrial, and modern chandeliers that all make big statements that are timeless and trendy. A chandelier in itself can serve as a featured decor piece, especially if it is bold and of a large size that captures the eye. So picking one that is a great fit for your space and matches your style can really enhance a room and give it the design touch that it has been missing.

Let’s look at the fantastic examples of chandeliers below that have been installed along sloped ceilings and see if any of the styles shown interest you and fit the style within your home.

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