29 Ceiling Trim Ideas that Make a Statement

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February 27, 2023
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Popular ideas for ceiling trim include crown molding and cave trim. Ceiling trim is a wonderful way to make an eye-catching statement, add interest, and elevate the style of your space.

Crown molding flares out where the wall and ceiling meet, and it can take on an elegant, decorative motif or it can be simpler and more linear. This style of molding is thicker than other types of trim and can conceal imperfections on the wall or ceiling.

Cove trim is concave, and it curves where the ceiling and wall meet. In general, cove trim is less ornate than crown molding and can be used on other features in the home such as stairs.

Both crown molding and cove trim are often painted to match the trim of other features in the home such as cabinets, baseboards, or casings. However, for a more dramatic choice, consider painting the molding a contrasting color to the wall, and your room will instantly pop! Keep reading for ideas on ceiling trim that will make a statement in your home!

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