17 Cozy Carpet Ideas for a Warm and Welcoming Home Office


Published: March 6, 2023
Updated: November 27, 2023

You should opt for carpet when designing your home office because creating a comfortable productive space is important. You will be spending a large chunk of time in this area and having a warm soft floor is ideal for chilly seasons.

The beauty of carpet is it comes in every color and even if you currently have carpet but dislike the color layering a rug on top is a simple affordable option! When layering rugs you can either keep the colors and tones similar or you can contrast with a dark rug on a light carpet or vis versa. Patterned rugs can be even more fun layered since carpets are almost exclusively solid colors.

Whatever you are looking for, carpet options, or rug layering ideas we have you covered. Continue reading to see ideas on how to incorporate carpets and rugs into your home office.

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