35 Seriously Cool Bunk Room Ideas for Big Families


Published: June 16, 2022
Updated: December 5, 2023

A bunk room is a space-saving way to create extra sleeping space in a home. Although bunk beds are commonly used in kid’s rooms and may be associated with memories of summer camp, modern bunks are so sleek and luxurious even young adults will want to jump right in for a good night’s sleep. Nowadays, bunk rooms can be incredibly stylish. Built-in bunk beds make a bold statement, especially with stairs in a different color or material. 

Whether you need to sleep two, four, or even more, bunk beds are also a highly practical option for big families and those who often host multiple guests. Bunk beds are rife with opportunity for extra storage space from shelves and niches, and some may even come with a desk at the end of the bed. Relive your childhood memories and take a look at the following amazing bunk room ideas.

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