12 Black Bathroom Countertops Ideas to Make a Big Statement


Published: July 26, 2022
Updated: November 16, 2023

Black and white is an iconic color combination when it comes to bathroom design. A common way this contrast is carried out is with black bathroom countertops. When paired with a largely white bathroom, black countertops act as an accent to help anchor your space. A black bathroom countertop will often be paired with a white vanity, but don’t overlook the rustic farmhouse appeal of laying a black countertop over stained wood cabinets. 

Many homeowners will also choose to use black granite countertops in their bathrooms for a more textured and interesting appearance. To finish things off, install black fixtures, cabinet hardware, mirrors, and vanity lights throughout the rest of the bathroom so you have the complete look. Keep reading to see a selection of our favorite homes boasting a bathroom with black countertops.

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