33 Black and Gold Light Fixture Ideas for Perfect Lighting


Published: January 3, 2023
Updated: November 30, 2023

A black and gold light fixture will instantly elevate any room, no matter what your décor style. Black is a color that can make a bold statement, but when it is paired with gold, it looks elegant and refined. Whether for your bathroom vanity, office desk, fireplace mantel, or living room television, black and gold lights make finding the right fixtures a breeze.

In some areas, it is important to prioritize bright and practical lighting. Stylish black and gold floor lamps, ceiling lights, or reading lamps are great options for brightening up an entire room or for providing targeted task lighting. For areas where your lighting serves a more decorative purpose, modern black and white sconces with brushed gold make for charming light fixtures. To help you find your dream lighting, here is a list of our favorite black and gold light fixtures.

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