20 Bedside Pendant Light Ideas To Brighten up Your Bedroom


Published: June 17, 2024
Updated: March 28, 2024

They say lighting is the jewelry of the home, and that rings especially true in the bedroom. This accessory offers the perfect opportunity to set the ambiance of your space, whether you want full recessed lighting during the day or a more cozy intimate vibe as you approach bedtime.

When it comes to the bedside, in particular, people often think of lamps. However, pendants — or lights designed to hang from the ceiling — offer a beautiful alternative. This style of lighting helps draw the eye upward for the illusion of lofter ceilings.

Plus, there are so many design options, including rattan shades, brass hardware, glassy orbs, and more. The unique silhouettes, shapes, and materials can make a pendant look like an art piece even when not lit, enhancing the space’s light and overall aesthetic.

Curious about the different options out there? Check out these bedside pendant light ideas to see how you can incorporate this look into your home.

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