30 Bedroom Corner Ideas for Extra Storage and Décor

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February 7, 2023
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Sometimes coming up with functional bedroom corner ideas can be tricky. Usually, the space is small, beside a window, or sandwiched in between other main pieces of furniture. There are plenty of creative ways to work with every inch of space though, here are a few of our suggestions on how to do that.

You’ll see in many of the example images that we’ve curated below that using vertical dressers, wardrobes, mirrors, plants, or seating sets are all fantastic ways to cozy up those awkward corners and make them functional. With a jazzy floor mirror and bench, for example, you’d have a great spot to get ready each day. With a wardrobe or dresser, you can stow away linens, books, or clothes. A small bistro set beside a bright window gives you a fantastic spot to enjoy a cup of coffee or a book. Try to think of something you’d enjoy having in your corner space and scale it to a size that’ll work. If you’re struggling to think of ways to do so, check out our collection of images below to see how these homeowners went about it.

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