24 Remarkable Bathtub Tile Ideas To Transform Your Bathroom


Published: February 27, 2023
Updated: November 27, 2023

Bathroom tile does not just belong on the floor; showcase your space with bathtub tile ideas that will transform your bathroom. Are you looking for something different to accent your bathtub, or are you tired of the same old bathtub décor? Take a fresh look at bathroom tile by showcasing your space with tile that surrounds and frames the tub.

Create a unique bathroom atmosphere by showcasing a large bathtub surrounded by subway or geometric pattern tile for a modern look. Escape into relaxation by bringing warm wood tones into your space by surrounding your tub with wainscoting transforming your bathroom into a spa-ready place to unwind. Add color and texture with farmhouse bathtub tile walls, or keep it simple with neutral colors for a minimalist appeal. Make your tub a focal point with texture and definition by utilizing bathtub tile ideas. For inspiration, consider these carefully curated selections for your new home or next remodel.

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