35 Radiant Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirror


Published: December 4, 2022
Updated: February 25, 2023

35 Radiant Bathroom Lighting Ideas Over Mirror

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December 4, 2022
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Bathroom lighting ideas over mirror help to create a radiant environment. Vanity lighting plays an important role for which it rarely gets credit, as it focuses a source of light where it’s needed while adding a decorative element. The atmosphere of your bathroom can be changed completely by the addition or replacement of these light fixtures.

In some cases, a source of light can be the inspiration behind your bathroom aesthetic. They can provide a rustic accent to a farmhouse bathroom, add a modern touch to an outdated space or balance out elaborate décor. There are many options when it comes to vanity lighting and can include as much or as little light as you like. If you prefer an effortless addition, you may even consider some simple sconces above your mirrors. Let the lighting do the decorating for you with the help of our bathroom lighting ideas below.

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