12 Back of a Couch Décor To Add Charm to Your Living Room

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June 25, 2023
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A common mistake that most homeowners make when designing their homes is plopping their sofas in the middle of the room, leaving them abandoned without any accompaniment. Check out our assortment of simple back-of-couch décor ideas and you’ll never make that mistake.
On top of complementing your soft comfy couch, these additions fill up unused negative space and tie together the living room into one cohesive aesthetic. It doesn’t have to be complicated – a simple throw, whether it be a checkered, soft wool, or vibrant floral one, can provide a lovely color and textural contrast to a plain neutral-toned sofa.
Or, go the extra mile and invest in console tables showcasing rich notes of natural wood or bold black hues to fully transform your home. These console tables provide new avenues to design and layer décor without messing with the flow of the room. They are also a fun way to store different miscellaneous items and can be an excellent partnership with your sofas. Whichever it is, check out these back of a couch décor ideas to liven up any room!

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