30 Art Above Fireplace Ideas for an Eye-Catching Focal Point


Published: February 28, 2022
Updated: November 14, 2023

The area above a fireplace mantel is full of opportunities to showcase your personality. Using art above fireplace will instantly add a layer of pizzazz to the space. Simply pick your favorite art piece and hang or lean it against the wall above your mantel.

The type of frame you choose for your fireplace art will also influence the kind of style statement you make. If you’ve already installed a TV above your fireplace, you can still take advantage of your TV’s functionality by pulling up digital artwork onto the screen or even a slideshow of your most meaningful photographs. From there, decorate the space on either side of your fireplace artwork with decor such as candlesticks or vases for a finished look.

If you want to find ways of adding flair to your fireplace mantel, take a look at the below examples of how art above fireplace can be used.

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