15 Arched Cabinets for a Modern, Show Stopping Look

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March 29, 2023
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We all have a collection of books, curios, and knick-knacks that we want to display in our homes. Maybe they’re memories from past adventures, family heirlooms, or simply beautiful pieces that we love to see every day. When you’re looking for the right way to showcase these treasures, the cabinet they’re displayed in is just as important as the items themselves.

Instead of buying basic, cheap bookcases, upgrade the look of your home and your décor with the addition of an arched cabinet. Classic, yet modern, these display cases and hutches are incredibly popular right now due to their versatility and timelessness. Here at Soul & Lane, we see more and more home décor enthusiasts looking to add an arched cabinet or two to their interior design, and many of our readers are in search of design inspiration that incorporates arched cabinets in their home offices, dining rooms, living rooms, and beyond.

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If you’re eager to jump on the arched cabinet trend, it’s vital to consider the finishing touches of your arched cabinet and what will work for your home. Glass doors create the ideal location to display books, dishes, and heirloom décor, while others may prefer solid doors that allow you to hide away unsightly essentials. Some may want a mix of both shelves and drawers or cabinets to get the best of both designs.

You’ll also need to consider what types of accents you’ll want on each shelf. Adjustable shelves may be mandatory for your arched cabinet so you can arrange and rearrange décor for each season. If you have an idea for a permanent display, you may want to consider the number of shelves and the spacing you’ll need to achieve the perfect look. Regardless of your personal taste and home aesthetic, a modern tableau can elevate the look of any office, dining, or living room.

Arched cabinets are a work of art in their own right, with clean, curved lines creating a dynamic display. These gorgeous pieces we’ve curated here are guaranteed to inspire you with their modern design. Read on for our top selection of arched cabinets that will make the perfect addition to your home.

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1. Trendy Two-Tone Arched Cabinets That Wow Without Breaking the Bank

Curate your stunning collection of decorations and ornaments and showcase them with the perfect curio cabinet. Urban Outfitter’s Mason Storage Cabinet is the ideal blend of modern and classic for your home and will help you incorporate your decorations into a trendy display.

Design the perfect gallery for your heirlooms, which will be visible through the glass front doors. The four upper shelves are the ideal location to display your collections, while the lower drawers provide for more protected storage, while still achieving a streamlined look. Available in five different finishes, you’re sure to find the right match for your home décor.

2. Timeless Elegance and Design for Generations to Cherish

With its clean lines and solid oak finish, the Scout Display Cabinet by Pottery Barn is the perfect storage accessory for a dining room or living room. The combination of the glass doors and antique brass handles marries together both modern and vintage designs, creating the perfect spot for books, ornaments, or dinnerware. Show off your grandma’s china or antique books through an artfully designed display on the five shelves of this arched cabinet.

Available in two finishes, black and natural oak, this sleek curio cabinet will fit seamlessly into your home and create the perfect display space for anything you can imagine.

3. Striking Contrasting Wood Cabinet with Hidden Storage

Contrasting wood tones are an ideal way to achieve a modern aesthetic in your home. Whether it’s used in furniture, flooring, or finishes, these distinctive accents are both striking and eye-catching. The Hattie Glass Cabinet is a stunning piece that capitalizes on this trend, with contrasting black and wood tones.

This beautiful cabinet is gorgeous on its own, but you can elevate the look with carefully chosen décor arranged on its adjustable shelves. White stoneware vases and dishes would look especially gorgeous displayed behind the glass cabinet doors.

4. Moody Metal Cabinet with Glass Doors for a Stylish Display

While wood furniture can help you achieve a timeless look, the Brookes Cabinet is an updated version of a classic piece. Crafted from iron with arched, glass doors and a slim profile, this contemporary cabinet is an impeccable addition to any home office or living room. Create a stunning display in your home by combining the Brookes Cabinet with trendy, modern décor to make an unforgettable statement to your family and friends.

With three color options, you’re sure to find the right look for your home and the perfect space to show off your design inspirations. The Brookes cabinet will amplify and modern or minimalist design for maximum impact.

5. High-end Organic Décor with Rattan Drawers

To create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere for your family and guests, incorporate natural, organic elements into your interior design. The Gabby Elsa Arched China Cabinet would be ideal for crafting a beach coastal or bohemian look in your living or dining room, showcasing your favorite china, decorative plates, or glassware while blending seamlessly with other natural-inspired furniture and decor.

This natural wood cabinet features four shelves and four rattan drawers, all displayed behind tempered glass doors. This light blond wood and antique brass fixtures strike the delicate balance between modern and vintage. Place this stunning cabinet in a light, airy room to complement your décor and showcase the display within.

6. Classic Wood Cabinet With an Enduring Design

Effortlessly stylish and eternally classic, the Providence Cabinet can be used in a wide range of looks. From transitional to traditional, farmhouse to rustic, this solid oak cabinet can be used anywhere you can imagine. The warm wood tone will blend seamlessly into the background, while the more modern black and wood finish can be an eye-catching design element in its own right.

You can fill this classic piece with your favorite antique books or vintage design pieces, then relax knowing that its beautiful design will fit in perfectly with the rest of your décor. If you’re looking for an ideal spot to display family heirlooms, you can rest assured that they’ll remain safe and protected behind the glass doors of this traditional arched cabinet.

7. Contemporary Black Cabinet for an Affordable Design

Modern minimalist design is elevated with matte black design, including accent walls and furniture. If choosing a paint color is too much of a commitment, then going with a beautiful, arched black piece like the Breya Cabinet is an easy way to achieve the same look with less effort.

Constructed from black iron and glass doors, a pair of these stunning cabinets would create a stunning focal point when placed on either side of a fireplace or window. Pair with white or metallic décor for a minimalist aesthetic, or match with warm wood accents to create a stunning modern display.

8. Modest Bohemian Beauty With Rattan Doors

If a dreamy bohemian boudoir is high on your design inspiration list, then natural, organic furniture is the perfect addition to your room. The Natural Woven Bedroom Armoire with rattan doors features a spot for hanging clothes, as well as two drawers and an upper shelf for maximum storage.

With a beautiful light finish and a stunning texture, you can design a Scandinavian look for your bedroom. Choose light wood tones and white walls, along with furniture with clean lines to elevate your style and create a peaceful, calm oasis. Or add a few fun, bright pops of color with tapestries, colorful bedding, and abundant plant life to finally achieve that Bohemian look.

9. Charming Old World-inspired Black and Glass Arched Cabinet

With its old-world look and rustic welded design, Crate & Barrel’s Ventana Black Glass Display Storage Cabinet combines European design with industrial materials. The glass sides are perfect for showing off contrasting décor, classic books, or stoneware in your living or dining room.

This arched cabinet is unique in that it features a narrow center door that serves as a design feature as well as protection for your décor. The matte black color would look particularly fetching when chic with warm wood or metallic tones, or contrasting white ornaments inside. When a modern twist on an antique design is your desire, then look no further.

10. Colorful Storage Solution With a Youthful Glow

For the perfect, customizable storage solution, the Fern Storage Cabinet by Anthropologie will go anywhere and with any décor. The glass doors open to reveal three shelves, one with a stunning marble wrap. Below, three wooden drawers with brass pulls are ideal for hiding away items you don’t want on display. There’s even a cord escape to allow for electronics to be used and stored inside. Ready to finally put that record player somewhere you can show it off while still keeping it safe? The Fern Storage Cabinet is the solution you’ve been looking for!

Youthful, fun, and vibrant, this arched cabinet will fit in with any bohemian or modern look that needs to add a pop of color. Add in a few macramé wall hangings and plentiful plants for a truly dynamic display.

11. Stately Wood Curio Cabinet That Never Goes Out of Style

Warm wood tones are the perfect addition to any rustic farmhouse, traditional, or contemporary design. And thankfully, the Apolline Curio Cabinet is here to fit into your home with ease. The arched design and paneled glass doors are a classic, yet timeless look that can be updated with a black finish for a more contemporary look.

Your curios and knickknacks will never look better than when displayed on the shelves of this stunning piece! This cabinet would be a stunning addition as a dining room hutch or a living room display. Design an elevated, elegant home office workspace by accessorizing this stately cabinet with antique books and potted plants.

12. Textured, Open Shelving Bookcase for any Budget

Arched cabinets are a stunning way to display treasures, but they don’t always need to be shut away behind doors. If open shelving is your preference, then this Grooved Wood Arch Bookcase might be the ideal solution. The beautiful curved opening adds just the right touch of elegance, while the grooved back panel adds a touch of modern texture.

When decorated with the right mix of books, vases, and frames, any space will be elevated from bland to beautiful. Add this bookcase to any bedroom, living room, or dining room for a polished look. A playroom with a row of these arched cabinets would be the perfect storage solution for toys and books that are organized yet within easy reach. Add a fun pop of color with brightly patterned storage boxes for a dreamy play space for your little one.

13. Minimalist Solid Wood Cabinet With Out-of-Sight Organization

While glass doors and open storage may be the ideal look for showcasing fun curios, sometimes we all need to hide our items away without worrying about how they look. When you need a cabinet with solid doors, look no further than the Annie Natural Storage Cabinet.

This cabinet showcases gorgeous, natural wood with long, arched pulls that mimic the arched design. The doors open to a spacious interior with adjustable shelves to make the most of your storage needs. Best of all, close the doors at the end of the day and walk away without worrying about what’s visible to guests.

14. Multi-functional Hutch with Contrasting Tones and Glass Doors

Form meets function with the Bixby Hutch arched cabinet. Not only is the design beautiful but you can use this gorgeous showpiece for anything from a china cabinet to a bookcase to a well-stocked bar. Warm copper or brass metal bar accessories and rows of bar glassware would be shown off to their best advantage when displayed inside this modern cabinet.

The black-painted exterior contrasts with the warm wooden interior shelves and drawers visible through the double glass doors. The upper shelves can be used to showcase everything from glasses to photos, while the lower drawers are the ideal space for hiding away those items you don’t want on display. No hallway, office, or kitchen will be complete without this stunning hutch.

15. Classical and Formal Cabinet Design That Goes With Anything

With its iron frame and paneled glass front, the classical and formal design of the Payson Tall Cabinet is the perfect addition to any formal dining room or home office. The narrow door opens to four shelves, perfect for displaying any treasure you want to show off to your guests. The contrasting back panel is constructed of warm wood for a modern touch that adds warmth to the overall look of the piece.

Even if formal isn’t your style, you can partner the Payson cabinet with a minimalist aesthetic since its clean lines echo the streamlined look of the design. Just decorate the shelves sparsely, as a lack of clutter is a cornerstone of the minimalist look.

Arched Cabinets Perfect for Any Room

If you’re ready to elevate the look of your home with an arched cabinet, we hope that this selection will help you find the perfect design. Your home office, living room, dining room, or hallway will look polished and updated with the addition of this classic piece.

When you’re ready for more design inspiration, don’t forget to check out this list of white cabinets with glass doors for a clean, timeless aesthetic!

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